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Entry #3

Yep yep

2015-05-27 21:15:53 by t-bone88

So I haven't been able to get a grasp of this new music making program I recently got since I'm used to FL Studio. But with enough determination and ramen noodles, I know I can get the hang of if I could only stop playing my Steam games...CURSE YOU GABE AND YOUR DAMN GOOD DEALS!


*seriously, I'm addicted to CS:GO, please help.*


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2015-05-27 22:42:54

whats your opinion on waffles and bacon for breakfast? with a big mug of black coffee?

t-bone88 responds:

I like to put syrup on waffles and then open each square to the syrup, like a game by taking my fork and removing the separating batter.

But I normally like to roll my bacon with a pancake with syrup, and put some Bailey's in my coffee for a pick-me-up. I am not, what you would call, a morning person.


2015-05-27 23:22:12

*sets steam on fire*

t-bone88 responds:

Noooooo!!! That gives me a lack of excuse not to do more things....outside. -shudders-


2015-05-28 01:01:44

ooo what new program are you using?

t-bone88 responds:

SONAR X3, got it while it was on sale on Steam. xP

It's a lot more complex than what I'm used to, but I've seen people make amazing things with it, and I have a license for it, not so much with FL Studios anymore.


2015-05-28 21:25:23

that sounds so perfect


2015-05-28 23:06:07

What is this outside you speak of?


2015-05-28 23:42:19

YESS I USE SONAR TOO best purchase you'll ever make