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Wickebine Kigyouden Wickebine Kigyouden

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Ran into a glitch. When I go to my equip screen and while viewing the main weapon, if I use the down arrow , a box comes up that says "undefined" and starts cycling through all of the weapon sprites.

Hockey Fury Hockey Fury

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Cool idea and all, but the gameplay is so painfully slow

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Divine Arms Demo Divine Arms Demo

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is actually really good. I actually ended up walking off of the map but I'm fully aware that this is still in the planning phase. I'll be looking at your Patreon page, I look forward to the finished product!

kreig13 responds:

hey thanks! yeah, the collision boxes are layered right now causing the tunneling. but once they're baked, it will be seamless (hopefully) - think you could point me out where it caused it, though?

thanks a bunch! glad you like it.

Turkey Target Practice Turkey Target Practice

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

My score is -1050, what do I win?

Somewhat bland, the background seem pretty general and no real challenge except to his the turkeys before that go away again.

But what's the point to earn points in this game? Normally, you could redeem points for upgrades, items, etc. You need to give an incentive to earn these points, otherwise people will get bored with just throwing a snowball at a non-mobile future-thanksgiving roast.

Good luck on your future submissions!

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Wolvie responds:

My respect. Just a quick one for the season - thanks for the suggestions. Maybe next year =]

Final Flare Final Flare

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

It's an OK concept, however I do have some thoughts:

First, some of the buttons on the menu do not work, such as the tutorial button. Also, during gameplay, I do not noticibly see the "cooldown" on my gun, if I hold down on the mouse, it'll stop shooting, I'm guessing it's "overheated" but I don't see a meter for it (or a working one for it.)

I also could see where my gun was shooting but I could not see the enemy's rounds being traced, so I heard the sound of them shooting but couldn't see it.

Perhaps next time add health packs or regen health. Also weapon drops would be nice.

I also noitced that once the main music stops, that's it. I did refresh my screen and got a different song each time but it seems that the music just ends with that one initial song. I suggest extending the songs throughout the game.

When I died, I had no lives but that initial one. After I died, the enemies were still spawning in the game and there wasn't a "reset" button.

Hope this helps you in your next future endeavors.

czaloj responds:

This game will be re-released on Kongregate in a week and a half hopefully with major updates. I wouldn't hold my breath since I've moved off the coding into content creation, but there are still 4 other programmers who should hopefully fix things.

Flutterrape - Turned Tables Flutterrape - Turned Tables

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nicely done for your first submission. It's simple but I do appreciate you making the "tease" bar degrade slower than the "sleeping" bar.

Just some recommendations for your next submission, perhaps add more actions or toys.


Avandor Avandor

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Some thoughts:

I notice when you attack, you swing the sword twice, does it do twice as much damage as only one swing? Maybe it's best to swing once with each push of the key.

Defense? When I'm jumping onto a small platform with an ogre, they're able to attack me the same amount as I do with them, and they get an extra hit in or two before I land.

I've noticed if I stand further into the ogre, he attacks and does no damage. I was able to stand center mass with an ogre and both of our attacks were not hurting one another.

You might want to think about adding lives. I got fairly far into a level but fell down a hole, then the game restarted from the very beginning; maybe add a continue spot? Also, adding a dash would help with dealing with ogres since there's nothing you can do to defend yourself except to take the damage and hurt them before they hurt you too much. (Where's the replenishment for health in levels?)

I would also like to suggest a reward for killing an ogre. I was able to run past them without getting hurt too much by standing in the middle of them. Maybe if we were rewarded with points that we could spend on upgrades, or some time of item or health came from killing them, it would give more of a sense of achievement or reason to kill them.

Sound FX are pretty minimal here. The sound of the character attacking and music. Maybe add FX for the sword or the mace of the ogres, sounds of the ogres of them attacking or dying, sound of your steps or the sound of landing after jumping.

I look forward to your next improved flash game!

eduardo-secolin responds:

thank you friend! this is my first game , I will try to improve in the next , I'm illustrator and part programming it is something hard for me .

Cute Deepthroat Cute Deepthroat

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

It's a start. I would suggest adding some music, some sound FX, a decent background and more of a dimension. What I mean by that is instead of just seeing her on one side makes it too much of a 2D and flat, add some depth, a different angle, etc. I look forward to see your future improved submissions!

trihaf responds:

Different angles requires alot of drawing skills and alot of... work. This animation was meant more to see how good I am atm, and at the same time learn. Maybe in the futere I can make things with more of... everything. Thanks for the feedback, it motivates me to make more and get better!

Pong 2! Pong 2!

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Why does the ball launch itself at the start of a round? Usually, the ball stay on the platform until you "serve" it. Often times, it'll launch unpredictably sometimes gets a score against me.

Gammes responds:

It sounds like a bug, I will fix it as soon as possible!

Man on the Moon Man on the Moon

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I brokeded the game. I turned on zero gravity and was able to fly off of the map. Interesting game concept though.