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The animation was very crudely done, the VA wasn't on par with seriously-done flashes, and the premise behind did not introduce anything funny; unless you're political with only viewing issues from the left side even though he's actually been helping veterans by passing the Forever GI Bill. Liberal logic doesn't allow actual humor, unfortunately. And this is why this flash is a fail.

I actually loled at this. Thank you for that.

Brooksay responds:

Always going for the actual LOLs. Thanks for watching

I had fun while watching this, thank you.

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Ran into a glitch. When I go to my equip screen and while viewing the main weapon, if I use the down arrow , a box comes up that says "undefined" and starts cycling through all of the weapon sprites.

Cool idea and all, but the gameplay is so painfully slow

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This is actually really good. I actually ended up walking off of the map but I'm fully aware that this is still in the planning phase. I'll be looking at your Patreon page, I look forward to the finished product!

kreig13 responds:

hey thanks! yeah, the collision boxes are layered right now causing the tunneling. but once they're baked, it will be seamless (hopefully) - think you could point me out where it caused it, though?

thanks a bunch! glad you like it.

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Bravo, Bravo!

Quite well indeed my good sir.

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Ironclover responds:

Thank you very much sir :3


'Nuff said

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Great Bass

got it hooked up to my two 12's and its kickin man, keep it up

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S-Rock responds:

Tight man, I knew someone out there would like the bass.
you should try my newest one I made, it cracs too...well pretty much any of my new beats do

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One day, my brother....one day

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I would think that that would put anyone on the nice list.

Glad to see you posting since your submission of your last video, looking forward to your future submissions!

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Derpixon responds:

I hope it will~!
And thank you for your patience. New stuff soon~

This would make for an interesting flash... in between frames, have the face on her shirt change facial expressions; one would wonder how does she keep her hair blood-free and silky smooth. GJ and can't wait to see some more improved submissions.

bakemona responds:

she uses head and sholders,lol.anyways i'm happy your one of my fans,because your always leaving positive comments!

30, Male

Making frownies :3




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