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aww tch

I was expecting him to get raped japanese way by all the tentacle monsters

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Just like him

Ya'll are like that kid off of Superbad who likes to draw dicks, right

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Pretty dumb

I can usually laugh at some of your flashes but this one didn't. Nothing really about Reach except two guys that have no life obviously overly obsessed with this game. If someone actually had a boner while playing this, it needs to be chopped off and snorting the smashed up disc.....yeah...but really no.

And since you haven't actually played the game, of course you wouldn't know how to make a flash about Reach funny.

its been done before...

not original at all....please / the lame

at least you tried, thats where the 4 came from

next time put more effort in plz

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looks like you're getting the hang of it pretty good, but footsteps shouldnt make my subwoofer go crazy though lol, aka those arent what footsteps sound like but good, and I pressed the music button and a song came on then i pressed it again to see if itll play something else and it started playing the same song on top of the one that started, ya need to fix it

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Redninjaa22 responds:

i use headphones so there not that bad for me and those were the best sounds i could find but thatnx for the feedback

oh come on

you sir don't know how to handle your herbs it seems like, marijuana is proven to improve people that are depressed and stressed out more then any other medication on the market, and without all the horrible side effects that of depressed medication.

So yeah, don't knock on something YOU haven't tried dude, that's like me calling you names, but I don't even know you, come on man

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yep yep

so damn true, keep it going NintendoClock! lol

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GO KITTY KREW, YA'LL ARE THE BEST sticking it to the man and what not, even though some of ya'lls flashes gives me a seizure....but it's an AWESOME SEIZURE! :D

great job b--(^_^)z

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Magyar responds:



liked it alot, pretty cool, but it keeps looping, ya need a replay button next time


I liked it a lot, funny ideas here, but you GOTTA work on the voice acting, that's why I rated so low, please please please work and fix the voice acting,

and the action is too slow, make it a lil more fast paced

other then that, it's a pretty good job, look forward to future flashes once those things are fixed.

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KronoUniverse responds:

Thanks for your concerns and I'll be sure to work on everything. I mostly work on 12 FPS (Yeah, REAL slow) but I've been working with higher amounts (sometimes 16 or 18, since I'm not ready to advance to a full 20 FPS)

As for the voice acting, I mostly do it while I'm alone since I don't want my family thinking I've gone insane due to screaming and the sort. This time, however, it wasn't the case. So you only have me to blame.

Anyways, thanks for your honest opinion.

30, Male

Making frownies :3




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