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new concept

I liked it a lot, mixing originality with something that's already made, nice, the only thing I didn't like was you had to keep clicking to see what's next x.x, it'd be a lot easier and less of a hassle.

And put some more of a twist on the story too, when that guy came to save mario, didn't know who he was or where he came from or why he's helping mario, it'd help if ya clearified your characters, at least just a lil.


I've watched this vid a lot, and every time the last part made me jump, EVERYTIME.

I'm all trying to get into the zone, gettin all ready for it, but i just can't do it xP

great job, makes something pretty damn good to make me jump like that, even if it's just a lil b--(^_^)z


As stupid as all of this was and retarded, it kept me entertained and pleased my ADD fairy :3

but seriously, I don't know why I liked it, but I did....so yeah

great job b--(^_^)z

MFZ95 responds:

Thank you very much!

yes! xD

I loved how you kept saying "perfect" xD

oh and the whole glitter in my eye thing was epic LMFAO

great job b--(^_^)z

nice one

Was this a game or a show or something, really don't know, all I know is it kept me laughing the whole time, not like gut busting laughing but like, amussed chuckling laughing while watching an entertaining enjoyable flash laughing.

great job v--(^_^)z


You're kanji's off, and the concept is unique.

BUT the animation style has been done.....all too much, make a diff style next time?


For some reason, I love this series, the humor is soo f**cked up but I still love it xD

This is unexplaineable, that's a first for me, I'm so confuzzled @.@

Anyway, great job, glad you're back and hope you make many more, looking forward to it ^_^

...depressing T^T

Brought up too many memories, and I'm a dude, that sooo happend to me before ;_;

Maybe next time make something that's more of a happier subject plz?

I liked the animation, thats the 7, but that's it.

Ok, so it was about drugs....

It started out as a bust for making some type of drug, (which one of my friends died of overdose)

And basically somehow he propelled himself all the way into space and fall again and was going to die....right?

Yeah, well great job on promoting and stereotyping people that listen to techno does drugs......

Here's what could of been better about it, this is where teh CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISISM STARTS:

Perhaps make the flash go with the music, it seems to be more about you made a flash, and stuck a techno song with it, the only part that really matched as when he was rewinded back into space.

Make it move: when I say that, less slo mo rewind

Shadow and lights: When the fireworks were exploding, I didn't see any of the colors of the fireworks reflect or rather shadow off of the guy with the blue eye.

A more better morale story: And when I say this, make it to where it doesn't involve anything bad, i.e. drugs. Most people on here are impressionable because they're young, and when I said my friend died, she was 17 and that's what everyone was doing at that rave, though it was X, and everyone was doing it so they pressured her into it, don't want to relate to anyone about that ever...

I like where and what you were trying to do, but just fix a few things.


Yes, I want it, loved the music, and somehow you got a 10 from me with no animation really, and I saw the burnt face man was gonna star in it too, nice xD

Look forward to part one of this series!

Scribbler responds:

Pico makes an appearance as well!

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Making frownies :3



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