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I accept this into my life.

Callum-Boyd responds:

This comment made me laugh, thank you!

Sound quality of the guy wasn't too good.

Buuut, you should of made him more mad after she took up 3 save spots also, I would give more stars for that.

Other than that, not much substance to this flash.

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Liked the concept, didn't like the audio quality and the constant sexualizing.

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RetroSleep responds:

So, I guess your named after T-bone the Christian rapper and not T-bone the steak. Thats a shame.

I loled, if I lol, you get 4 stars. Good movie reference.


I loled

Would of been great, but...

I was under the impression that a flash video would be uploaded in the flash section, not a slideshow...

Anywho, it was short, some of the "slides" went by too fast sometimes and seemed a little unorganized at first. I mean the slideshow wasn't bad, but it wasn't life-changing good.

Cool concept, but....

It seemed sometimes some scenes were indistinguishable between each other, the timer got a little annoying towards the end, and the play button was waaaaay too small, I was trying to click the arrow button instead haha.

But it's cool a cool concept, mario racing, using different powers to race like the one you had "Jet Mario." I think it'd be cool if you had heros that had adaptable powers to race each other, like have kirby try to race mario or something, just food for thought.

Exorz responds:

Yea thanks but as i said. This is a contest entry. I cannot input others like Luigi (i know, Luigi doesnt get any love... damn), and no. This is not meant to be a race. A simple Sky Diving stunt.

Is it sick mate?

This nyan cat looks a bit pale, darken the colors up, evenly distribute the background colors...I don't think it really matters, yer were just bored when you made this so there won't be a redo.

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Sierrity responds:

Maybe he's high? :3
I mean, how else do you explain a cat with a pop tart body flying through space, shooting rainbows from his behind? xP

Constructive Criticism

About 3/4 into the flash, the timing of the mouths and voices are off, another good thing would to have a plot and stick to it and also have more movements with the animation. I understand it's your first flash, and congrads on learning it, you're ahead of me in that department.

Constructive criticism

I get the point of the flash, but put a little more animation into it, I know it takes a lot to make a flash but it needs to flow a lot smoother next time.

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InternetMonkey responds:

Thanks for the suggestion

30, Male

Making frownies :3




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