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Nice so far, cant' wait to see the final version.

So, the video starts to loop after the "boner" line, but the voices are still going as if it's still trying to finish.

I accept this into my life.

Nice, I'd be very interested in a nice flash with this find of artwork. That must be slender man's 2nd cousin, Benny.

This actually made me lol and the animation was fluid, thank you sir.

Great concept, loved it. Only real issue that's bothering is the quality of the voices, they seem to fluctuate quite a bit.

FlamingMoose responds:

Yeah that's a lack of discipline on my end since I know more about animation than audio, still the message is pretty concise over the people I've shown it to so that means I'm going to have to do something about it. Thanks so much for the kind score and your review.

Aww yeah, Splatoon tentacle Rape scene in the works I hope.

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You're getting better. I would say keep on improving on shading, FX, detail, but whats needed a little more to be desired is the voice acting, seemed a little bland at times. I look forward to your next improved submission!

LightningBolt13 responds:

Thanks for the criticism, I'll be sure to incorporate it in the next episode

Some thoughts.

The drawing looks good, you've improved from your last submissions. I imagine when you train more, you'll learn how to move more than just her tongue.

It was a very quick flash, but I imagine it took you some time to get it right.

Sound FX? I noticed they're missing, but bad sound FX could ruin a flash, so it's dicey there.

There's more to be "desired," but overall, you're getting better. I look forward towards your next improved flash.

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Arozura responds:

yes,all you said is true ^^ just wanted to make something good in an easy way,and yes I am still learning so a lot of stuff which should be there,is not there :/

OK, so, some thoughts.

Obviously, no sound, so you should working on finding the right sound FX and background music.

Why are the cow's fingers a line of oval shapes?

I can see that you put some effort into detailing the goat and the cloths, but there's a noticeable lack of detail done on the cow

The grammar and english in the dialogue seem to be a little off, such as:

Cow: You are thirsty right?
Goat: is also for my friend

When it should be:

Cow: You're thirsty, right?
Goat: Yep. It's also for my friend since she doesn't like mine.

But this is better than most first submissions. I look forward towards your progress and improved future flashes.

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Balareth responds:

thank you very much! its my second animation, am learning by myself to use flash and make animations on my own, the next ones are gonna be better, but thanks for your views! ^^

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